My Altar Boys – Lead Us Into Temptation

By Johnny Rebel

MY ALTAR BOYS – Lead Us Into Temptation is a dramatic story conceived by Johnny Rebel as a Gay, Erotic fantasy which rebels against the religious norm. This provocative book with Dylan James, as the Hard Pope, Brandon Wilde, Tom Faulk and Gabriel Alanzo as the Altar Boys, is a visual feast of sensual acts as these provocative gay men take you through the acts of contrition, seduction,and revenge putting a new spin on an old story that has played out many times before. The selection of these performers to bring this story to life involved finding just the right porn stars that had the rebel look and the sexual attitude necessary to convey the erotic, religious theme that this fantasy tells.  This sexualy stimulating and provocative,150 page hardcover book will be an outstanding addition to you erotic library!

Hardcover Book