• Blain Pounds Private Chase - Blain O'Connor -amp; Chase TylerBlain Pounds Private Chase - Blain O'Connor -amp; Chase Tyler
    Blain O'Connor and Chase Tyler are super comfortable with each other; you can tell from the moment the cameras start rolling. That makes their flip fucking action so nice to watch. This is one scorching hot scene! Read more »
  • Get That GILF - Cliff Boyd -amp; Jesse StoneGet That GILF - Cliff Boyd -amp; Jesse Stone
    Get ready for extra naughty action! Older younger studs are sneaking around and are hungry for cock! Including, scandalous risky sex at its finest! Including, hardcore cock sucking, ass licking and explosive cumfilled climaxes! Read more »
  • Carr Slams Vega - Niko Carr -amp; Vince VegaCarr Slams Vega - Niko Carr -amp; Vince Vega
    When Niko Carr and Vince Vega get into the room together, they just want to fuck. It was hard to stop them from fucking almost immediately. But the resulting scene? Fucking incredible. Read more »
  • Brandon Takes Mick's Massive Cock - Brandon Evans -amp; Mick MarloBrandon Takes Mick's Massive Cock - Brandon Evans -amp; Mick Marlo
    Brandon Evans and Mick Marlo working out is really fucking hot. But watching them flip fuck? Watching Brandon take Mick's huge dick and watching Brandon plow Mick? Holy shit, it's unbelievable. Read more »
  • Oily Massage With Happy Ending - Micah Martinez -amp; BenviOily Massage With Happy Ending - Micah Martinez -amp; Benvi
    Get ready for slip and slide oily action featuring hot studs, Micah Martinez and Benvi. It's time to release all the pressure and relax with a full body rubdown. Including multiple positions, intense dick sucking and cumfilled orgasms! Read more »
  • Damien Dicks Down Liam - Liam Hunt -amp; Damien KingDamien Dicks Down Liam - Liam Hunt -amp; Damien King
    Damien King and Liam Hunt have instant chemistry. The way these two 69 each other is fucking impeccable. And when Damien fucks Liam hard and fast? Holy shit I also came just watching it. Read more »
  • Derek -amp; Jim Drill Each Other - Jim Fit -amp; Derek KageDerek -amp; Jim Drill Each Other - Jim Fit -amp; Derek Kage
    Derek Kage and Jim Fit are two hot sexy fuckers. Seeing Derek top Jim with his massive dick is amazing. But seeing Jim dominate Derek as well? Incredible. Watching these two flip-fuck is so hot. Read more »
  • Hot Daddies #04 - Killian Knox -amp; Dylan HayesHot Daddies #04 - Killian Knox -amp; Dylan Hayes
    Dylan Hayes and Killian Knox fuck each other till orgasm. Read more »
  • Hot Daddies #04 - Dillon Diaz -amp; Des IrezHot Daddies #04 - Dillon Diaz -amp; Des Irez
    Sexy studs Des Irez and Dillon Diaz fucking each other. Read more »
  • Hot Daddies #04 - Dominic Pacifico -amp; Michael Boston -amp; Nicholas AdamsHot Daddies #04 - Dominic Pacifico -amp; Michael Boston -amp; Nicholas Adams
    Dominic Pacifico, Michael Boston and Nicholas Adams fuck. Read more »
  • Scotty Blake - Interview - Scotty BlakeScotty Blake - Interview - Scotty Blake
    Scotty Blake talks about his fun doing this veggie scene. Read more »
  • Getting My Veggies - Scotty BlakeGetting My Veggies - Scotty Blake
    Scotty is by himself again and when he is alone he tends to be more adventurous and this time he is off to the grocery store to pick up his favorite veggie which is a juicy long thick cucumber. He picks a ripe hard one and heads home for some afternoon play time. He's always wondered how a cucumber would feel buried deep in his ass while he stroked his thick cock and today is the today he finds out. He takes his time enjoying the veggie by stroking it and deep throating it making it all nice and wet.… Read more »
  • Benn Heights -amp; Nick Sumer - Interview - Benn Heights -amp; Nick SumerBenn Heights -amp; Nick Sumer - Interview - Benn Heights -amp; Nick Sumer
    Interview with Benn Heights and Nick Sumer after their scene Read more »
  • I Didn't Know You Were... - Benn Heights -amp; Nick SumerI Didn't Know You Were... - Benn Heights -amp; Nick Sumer
    Benn and Nick are going over their report to make sure they have not forgotten any pieces of material that should be added. It all looks good and ready for the teacher so Benn heads to the bathroom and while he is out Nick jumps on the computer to get a better look at the report when he notices that Benn has left open a tab with gay porn playing. Nick takes a step back and can't believe what he is seeing on the computer screen. As he is checking out Benn comes back and is super embarrassed by it.… Read more »
  • Milk -amp; Cookies - Max Sargent -amp; Jordan LongMilk -amp; Cookies - Max Sargent -amp; Jordan Long
    Jordan is headed over to his buddies Dads house to see if he is back for spring break from College yet. Jordan knocks on the door and his buddies Dad Max answers the door in hi towel. A little shocked but understandable that he just got out of the shower Jordan inquires about his friend and nope he has not come back yet. Max invites him in for some cookies and milk so they can catch up some. Jordan notices that Max has a raging hard on and the way he keeps looking at him makes him think that Max… Read more »
  • Prickly Encounters - Francoise Delano -amp; Andi GershonPrickly Encounters - Francoise Delano -amp; Andi Gershon
    When BoyzParty.com saw sex, lean, & handsome Francoise Delano outside with his big uncut cock hauled out of his briefs, they stopped dead in their tracks and so did equally hot and just as horny Andy Garson. Andy opens his shorts and hauls out his own unclipped throbber, drops to his knees and eventually works the big slab that is Francoise's dick down his hungry throat. When Francoise has had his fill of Andy playing tonsil hockey, he picks his friend up, spins him around, bends him over and impales his hard cock up Andy's tight, round ass. When his… Read more »
  • Couples Therapy - Aimar Riche -amp; Gael PrenzaCouples Therapy - Aimar Riche -amp; Gael Prenza
    Gael & Aimar already had their shirts open and their tongues down each other throat's by the time the BoyzParty.com crew arrived and this therapy sessions was in full swing - along with both of their uncut, man sized cocks. Aimar went right to skull fucking Gael, double dribbling Gael's head up and down on Aimar's hungry, dripping cock, keeping it down Gael's throat even as they stood up. Looking up at Aimar with list and hunger, Aimar knew what Gael needed, turned him over, spread his cheeks and drove his cock into that ass so fast and deep, the… Read more »
  • The Spring Fling - Chad Cole -amp; Luke DesmondThe Spring Fling - Chad Cole -amp; Luke Desmond
    Spring is in the air at BoyzParty.com and in the dorm room of sexy, smooth and oh-so-horned Chad Cole & Luke Desmond. The dick part got started the minute Luke hauled out his 8', thick uncut pole and Cad eagerly gobbled it down, choking on the massive pole. Chad's leaking cock soon finds a home in Luke's tonsils before Chad's attention turns to Luke's hole. After tonguing Luke till he was begging to be filled, one last spit soak of Chad's cock and Luke was impaled and deeply! Luke first rode that cock then flipped on his back for an… Read more »
  • Sweat Meat - Aaron Lomas -amp; Gianluka JohnesSweat Meat - Aaron Lomas -amp; Gianluka Johnes
    After feeling 19 year old Aaron Lomas's bulge rubbing against his hole, 18 year old GianLuka's own cock started to stir. He immediately turned around, kissed Aaron then licked his way down to Aaron's bulge, then flipping him around, started first with Aaron's ass before swallowing that heavy cock to the base. Then it was Aaron's turn to spin GianLuka around, first with his finger, then with his tongue, and finally with his cock, GianLuka's tender hole became target practice for a game of anal assault that began against the counter, continued on the counter and end with GianLuka getting… Read more »
  • CitiBoyz 44: Real -amp; Raw Miami Part 2 - Daved Wayne -amp; Aaron ArmstrongCitiBoyz 44: Real -amp; Raw Miami Part 2 - Daved Wayne -amp; Aaron Armstrong
    Aaron's in the kitchen trying to make a banana split when Daved comes over to help him. After a little playful seduction involving whipped cream and strawberry topping, the boyz get down to business with some deep throating action, followed by a hot ass-rimming given to Aaron by his blond buddy Daved. Then Daved bends Aaron over and fucks his friend hard, followed by creamy cumshots for dessert! Read more »
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